Infini Christofle Silver-Plated Spoon


The Christofle silversmith’s house revisits table ritural with its new collection of essential cutlery called Infini Christofle. The infinite ridge characterizes the design of this new collection.

The small universal spoon is silver-plated with a mirrored polished finish. This spoon ensures a comfortable grip and good balance thanks to its fluid and rounded lines. The size is ideal for children to use or to accompany your morning tea or coffee.

The small universal spoon is shaking up traditions. The bowl is thinner than a coffee spoon to better fit small porcelain cups  It is smaller than a traditional coffee spoon, but larger than an espresso spoon, making it totally versatile. Its new size allows the small universal spoon to replace the traditional coffee spoon in our Christofle sets.

This spoon is made in Yainville, in France.

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13 cm

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