Christofle is one of the most famous cutlery brands in the world. The philosophy of the company is: “The art of living, The art of receiving guests, The art of giving gifts.”

The founding date of the Christofle brand is considered to be 1830, the year when the jeweler Charles Christofle received a patent for the creation of silver jewelry production. The word Christofle after these years has become a household word. For the French, “Christofle” is synonymous with high quality silver plating.

Christofle has always been and remains a family business with a rich history and invaluable experience in the art of table setting. For 170 years, Christofle has brought its business to perfection, guided by the basic principle of the founder of the brand: “The only quality is the best.”

Traditionally, the clients of the House of Christofle were the royal persons of France – King Louis-Philippe, Emperor Napoleon III, thanks to whom Christofle received the status of the official supplier of the imperial court. One of the most unusual was, undoubtedly, the order of the Indian Maharaja in 1882. It was a bed inlaid with silver, with full-length figures of four women fanning the reclining ruler with fans. Moreover, the ladies had to look very natural.

The management of Christofle, no less than the quality of products, has always cared about confirming their authenticity and protecting them from fakes. Therefore, one of the first masters of this company began to put tests on their things. Now the numbers assigned to each item from the brand have also been added to them.

The Splendor of French Silverware

Christofle is a luxury cutlery manufacturer that also creates exquisite tableware, décor and jewelry.

Variety of Materials and Styles

The Christofle cutlery collections are made in a wide variety of materials and styles – from stainless steel to silver and gilding, from classics to ultra-modern shapes.

Art-inspired Design

Almost two centuries of the brand’s history is associated with many prominent names from the art world. Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Joe Ponty, André Putman – they all participated in the creation of Christofle products.


Filigree Work of Masters

Every Christofle product, be it jewelry, cutlery or home decoration, is the result of painstaking handicraft by experienced craftsmen.

Complete Table Setting

Porcelain and silver-plated crockery, as well as a variety of Christofle accessories, will be a great addition to your cutlery.

Wide Range of Models

Crystal Boutique is the exclusive representative of Christofle in Latvia. Here you will find cutlery, decorative elements and decorations, and you can also order any items from the catalog.