You are very welcome to the world of exceptional sense of living by me – Alina Marte – the muse and owner of LEPICUR store. 

More than 10 years I am representing the worlds most greatest and exclusive interior design brands, which speak for themselves.

My business is not just a business it is my way of living, where I am sharing the art of exceptional living, following my heart. Through the understanding of true values, quality of life, craftsmanship of the best artisans, heritage, trust of partners I am choosing the best decorations of life for myself and my dearest clients.

The brand LEPICUR is based on Epicurius idea : “Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” LEPICUR is the place, where we offer to make your life exceptional, surrounding yourself with exceptional decoration.

Our mission is to show and guide You in the world of luxury gifting and home decoration, representing the world best brands. 

Here, at LEPICUR, You can make online shopping, but we also have the offline store, located in Latvia, Riga, Krasta street 68a, LV-1019. 

We are pleased to serve You and be with You choosing Your best decorations in You best life.

Remember, when You surround Yourself with exceptional people and things, Your life becomes exceptional. And the most important in Your life are feelings, which You experienced, moments and pleasure, which You enjoyed.

I thank You for choosing us and trusting us!

With LOVE, Alina Marte, CEO