Among a few selected Maisons, Lalique takes pride of place. Lalique is a French crystal manufacturer founded in 1888 by renowned glazier and jeweler Rene Lalique. The company is known for its elaborate vases, perfume bottles and fireplace decorations. Everything in their products is amazing: the perfection of forms, lines and textures!

René Lalique began his career as a goldsmith’s apprentice at the age of 16, and by 1881 he was working as a freelance designer for the best Parisian jewelry houses. Lalique always leaned towards refinement and lightness in everything he undertook. So, the first product of the young master fully corresponded to all his aesthetic ideals. The decoration, made in the form of a butterfly, seemed alive, as if fluttering through the air. This was able to conquer the audience of connoisseurs who have seen a lot of curiosities.

His level of skill was compared with the great Faberge, but this was not enough for René. Having many hobbies, such as the design of ships, the creation of figurines and even fountains, he drew inspiration from everywhere and looked for new materials. Glass, wood, mother-of-pearl and bone – everything was used by the jeweler to create masterpieces. The master was recognized as the best not only in creating jewelry, he was also known as a talented glass blower.

Creating new designs, Lalique specialists use both traditional techniques, such as sketching and modeling, and new computer technologies, such as 3D printing. The process of product improvement continues in the workshops of the factory. Each piece, such as the Lalique vase, goes through up to 40 different stages of production. The brand is constantly evolving, creating more and more great things. The company’s contemporary designers are working to reimagine the rich cultural traditions of Lalique, preserving all the most characteristic and recognizable.

A Piece of Art History

The Lalique brand is, above all, exquisite crystal and glass décor items that experts rightfully recognize as striking examples of the Art Nouveau style.

Jewelry Approach to Interior Items

The brand bears the name of René Lalique (1860–1945), the jeweler of the houses of Cartier and Boucheron, who later founded his own production of designer products from crystal and art glass.

Harmony of Opposites

Lalique vases are characterized by a striking combination of matte depth of etched glass and bright accents of colored enamel.


Partnership with the Best of the Best

In 2018, Lalique celebrated 130 years of founding, continuing to shape the future of interior design in collaboration with some of the industry’s most distinguished professionals.

Handcrafted by First-class Craftsmen

All items are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen at the Lalique factory in Wingen-sur-Moder (Alsace, France).

The Best Items from in-Demand Collections

Lalique decor items, which you will find in our salon, will impress you with their plasticity of forms and subtlety of handwork.