As one of the dominant brands in the French luxury industry and the international arts and crafts industry, the Bernardaud brand and porcelain factory have an interesting history spanning over 150 years.

The history of Bernardaud began in 1863. Two industrialists, sensing the potential of porcelain, opened a manufactory in Limoges, and in 1900, the talented craftsman Leonard Bernardo, who grew up to co-owner, bought the company and gave it his name.

Their Limoges porcelain products are well known for their excellent porcelain made from a white clay called kaolin. Inspired by traditional craft, this brand is driven by innovation and art. Bernardaud maintains high standards and quality across its entire range of products. Over 50 different craftsmen take over a week to create a Bernardaud porcelain teapot. Their versatile styles range from regal grandeur to sophisticated elegance.

Every service, jewel, piece of furniture, lamp signed by Bernardaud embellishes everyday life with simple luxury and shows that two thousand years after its appearance, porcelain remains an exception. You only need to explore the Bernardaud collections to realize that this exquisite material with unexpected properties is constantly reinventing itself with surprising modernity and boldness, inspiring designers and artists.

The Legend of Limoges Porcelain

Bernardaud is the premier manufacturer of Limoges porcelain that adorns the tables of some of the world’s most opulent homes, palaces and restaurants.

The Unquenchable Power of Tradition

Since the founding of Bernardaud in 1863, all products have been handcrafted in a factory in Limoges, France, and the company is still run by Michel Bernardaud from the founding family.

Search for New Forms and Solutions

At the same time, Bernardaud designers are constantly experimenting with new forms, creating pieces that combine modern aesthetics with age-old secrets of craftsmanship.


Contemporary Art on Your Tableware

Bernardaud’s services are inspired by or contributed by Marc Chagall, Juan Miro, Marina Abramovich, Jeff Koons and many other artists.


Table Decoration for Any Interior

Crystal Boutique is the exclusive Bernardaud representative in Latvia. In our salon you will find both classic and modern collections of Bernardaud table china, as well as vases, accessories and decorations.

A Choice Limited Only by Your Imagination

A wide range of products, including limited editions and gift sets, are available to order from the catalog.