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With this special edition candle LALIQUE invites into the beguiling spell and stunningly magical show of La Nuit. Swallows, gracefully poetic symbols of Lalique and reminiscent of the sparkling golden stars, are shown flying to Africa.
The extraordinary scent subtly features the nearly infinite diversity of Kenya.

The extraordinary scent of the candle subtly features the nearly infinite diversity of Kenya. A refined blend of the aromatic fruitiness of plum with bittersweet notes of Amaretto, floral jasmine accords and relaxing exotic iris accents.

Symbolizing the African soils, bitter nuances of aromatic coffee and vetiver provide a spicy freshness.

Burning time: 40 to 50 hours
Scented Candle 190 g

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With the creation of Voyage de Parfumeur – series of home fragrances, Lalique unites the arts of fragrance and decoration and invites its admirers on an olfactory odyssey to a world of exclusive scents and stunning stopovers.

Each scent candle highlights a raw material chosen from amongst the finest ingredients in perfumery and the most breathtaking locations around the world.

Take the occasion and make an exceptional gift that will make eyes sparkle.

Each product is wrapped in our exquisite boxes in black and white, waiting to brighten someone’s day.

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