Scented Candle Les Vendanges



It’s the quintessence of the French art de vivre. A trip to the fabled vineyards of the Bordeaux region at harvest time. The golden autumn light of the afternoon sun. Dark grapes hanging heavy in the vine, ripe for the picking. Birds darting in to feast on the juice-gorged fruit. The utter luxury of sipping the fabulous Château Péby Faugères in the domain’s cool cellars…

A rich red wine accord blending mouthwatering fruit – cherry, blueberry, blackcurrant – deepened with a rare natural extract of wine lees. The woody notes imparted by the oak cask, with a natural essence of guaiac wood infusing smoky, vanillic facets… Tchin-tchin!

Burning time: 40 to 50 hours
Scented Candle 190 g

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With the creation of Voyage de Parfumeur – series of home fragrances, Lalique unites the arts of fragrance and decoration and invites its admirers on an olfactory odyssey to a world of exclusive scents and stunning stopovers.

Each scent candle highlights a raw material chosen from amongst the finest ingredients in perfumery and the most breathtaking locations around the world.

Take the occasion and make an exceptional gift that will make eyes sparkle.

Each product is wrapped in our exquisite boxes in black and white, waiting to brighten someone’s day.

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